Software Development Processes

Software Development Processes

Software, in its most basic definition; “A set of codes specially developed for an electronic hardware to do a particular job”, in other words, software means a set of instruction programs that instruct the computer to do something. Software is divided into three categories as system, programming and application, and those who make them are called Software Engineers. Software Engineers first identify the need and design appropriate computer software. Since these processes are very complex, they need to create algorithms, flow charts and diagrams that will tell the computer what to do, and different software languages ​​are used for this.

The commands used for the software types, which are basically divided into two as computer software and electronic software, also differ in sub-headings. Each of these scripts, which are developed and changeable depending on the targeted purpose, is called a software language. There are dozens of different software languages, especially for computers.

While electronic software generally consists of similar and simpler details, computer software includes dozens of different software languages ​​as well as codes that are constantly updated and renewed as it spans a wide area from operating systems to applications, from office programs to interfaces. Therefore, developing computer software can become much more complex than developing electronic software.

Software languages ​​created for various purposes such as developing applications with a user interface, creating a website or writing and reading files can become comprehensive and complicated depending on the area in which they will be used. Common languages ​​used for software coding are HTML, CSS, ASP, PHP, Java, Visual Basic, C#, C++ and Python.

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