Corporate Website Design & E-Commerce Software

In 2020, the number of companies operating in the e-commerce sector in Turkey increased by 275% compared to the previous year and reached 256 thousand 861.


With our website design service, you will have a secure and fast opening website that is suitable for your brand's corporate identity and reflects you in the digital world. If you want to open an online store that can sell online, you can use DZDSoft's B2C or B2B solutions.

Corporate Website Solutions

DZDSoft takes care to produce web site and portal projects in accordance with your needs, user-friendly, using the latest web design techniques and coding, and complying with international standards.

Corporate websites and portals are among the main web design solutions offered by DZDSoft with its experienced and professional staff. These projects are developed with designs prepared in accordance with corporate needs and user experience, and with a modern CMS [Content Management System] infrastructure suitable for these designs.

Considering the latest trends in design, projects that offer a superior user experience, aesthetic, simple, easy to navigate, innovative and providing a user experience beyond compatibility with the mobile world are created.

The project aims to provide the following benefits:

  1. Providing an interactive user experience.
  2. Presenting an effective and rich visual design suitable for the user profile and experience.
  3. Compatibility with mobile devices.
  4. High performance and fast website.
  5. An easy to use, fast and functional management panel.
  6. Encouraging visitors to stay on the site longer and navigate more pages
  7. The information architecture in which visitors will be able to reach the content they are looking for with as few clicks as possible.

E-Commerce Solutions (B2C – B2B)

DZDSoft offers its customers special B2C and B2B e-commerce software solutions.

The most well-known among web-based commerce applications is the B2C (Business to Customer ie e-commerce that sells directly to the end user) system. The B2C market appears before us mostly through web portals and virtual stores that sell over the Internet. All transactions that enable companies to conduct marketing and sales from their own websites are evaluated within the scope of B2C.

In B2C, customers buy the products they need from the company's website or from web portals or virtual stores where the company sells its products and other companies' products are also marketed. While the customer is placing his order, he simultaneously sends his credit card information to the website in order to be able to make the payment. This completes the shopping.

B2B (Business to Business) is a web-based e-commerce system that allows a business to sell its goods and services to another business. With this software integration, this integration and automation processes of companies are provided, while suppliers, partners and customers can perform their transactions online.

Today's business world requires constant competitive advantage. The fact that transactions are fast and low-cost with B2B systems is one of the key points in achieving this advantage. At the point of development and management of B2B processes, DZDSoft works to offer you the best solution by analyzing your B2B needs.



Mobile Applications Differentiating With Developing and Changing Technology

Mobile Applications Differentiating With Developing and Changing Technology

Along with the developing and changing technology, web and mobile applications differentiate platforms for maintaining a presence, business development, marketing, increasing sales and establishing active communication. Mobile application development refers


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