Information and Data Security

Worldwide, there are 2,244 cyber attacks every 35 seconds, or a day, and Turkey ranks 5th among the countries most affected by these cyber attacks.

DZDZSoft provides solutions for the discovery and deletion of personal data in structural environments, archiving and anonymization, masking, and the management of personal data according to the requests of the person/institutions regarding this data and storage periods.

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In parallel with the speed of change in today's information systems, which are getting harder to follow day by day, security problems are increasing rapidly. Along with the innovations that have entered our lives with digitization, we are faced with a series of different and complex, new and technological security problems that we are not accustomed to seeing.

As DZDSoft Information Technologies, we offer end-to-end, turnkey, reliable, uninterrupted, quality security solutions that will satisfy the needs of Institutions and Organizations in each layer of security in multi-layered architectures.

Recently, we see that classical security measures are insufficient to prevent current technological threats and organizations are also vulnerable to vulnerabilities arising from these threats. Accordingly, we provide consultancy services on information security services. Within the scope of our consultancy services, we support Institutions and Organizations in managing information security, and ensure that their processes are re-created.

As DZDSoft, we follow the latest developments in the information security sector and provide advanced product and information security services that will enable our customers to prevent threats before they are exposed to advanced security problems.

In addition to standard security systems, we work to take an active role in every field of security by providing security analysis systems, secure software development tools, malware detection and prevention systems, and support of all security projects by expert teams.

You can contact us at to find answers to all your questions about Information Security solutions and to quickly reach the most suitable solution for your requests.



Information and Data Security

Information and Data Security

Technological developments bring about high-level threats as well as opportunities for many businesses. While classical security measures show weaknesses in preventing current technological threats, they can cause businesses to be


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