DZDSoft Services for Information Techology

Custom and Enterprise Software Development

Our team, which takes part in medium and large-scale software projects, aims to produce, high quality, reliable and understandable software without compromising software disciplines in the projects it undertakes.

Cloud Application Development and Cloud Strategy Consulting

As DZDSoft, we provide cloud application development and cloud strategy consultancy services suitable for the needs of institutions and enterprises.

Information and Data Security Solutions

We provide solutions for the discovery, deletion and archiving of Personal Data in structural environments and the management of personal data according to the requests of the person/institutions regarding this data and storage periods.

System Integration Services for Enterprises

As DZDSoft, we make system integrations, network installations and server solution services in accordance with the needs of institutions and enterprises.

IOS and Android Mobile Application Development

As DZDSoft, we develop IOS and Android applications suitable for the needs of institutions and businesses so that businesses can follow up their business easily and smoothly and save operational costs.

Website and E-Commerce Projects

With our website design service, you will have a secure and fast website that is suitable for your brand's corporate identity and reflects you in the digital world.


How we work?

01. Meeting and Planning

We hold a face-to-face or online meeting to clarify details about your project. In the light of the detailed information we receive from you, we determine the roadmap of your project.

02. Analysis and Design

We determine the functions and requirements of the system with the analyzes we make, and reveal all the needs. After the analyzes we have made, we roll up the sleeves to prepare the system design.

03. Coding and Testing

With the design phase reaching a certain maturity, we start the coding phase. We act with the early test approach and start to perform our tests from the analysis stage.

04. Delivery and Maintenance

After all testing phases are completed, we release a field-deliverable version of the software product and after this phase, we start the maintenance process.


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